How many boxes do we need?


Moving is daunting to say the least. We find that customers are wanting to purchase boxes and packaging materials to make their move less stressful. But they end up returning many times, as they are never quite sure how many boxes they will need for their move. Frustrating for you. To be able to purchase your packaging materials and make one trip would save everybody a lot of stress. Also customers are very unsure on what size boxes they will need. A good indication of this is that the large boxes (Tea Chest size) are generally for packing lighter materials becaue if you pack them with heavy materials, you are going to hurt yourself or whoever is helping you move.  The boxes are too big and become really heavy.  These are fantastic for doonas, sheets, etc. The Book/Wine boxes, I think the name gives these away. These are generally used for heavier items. The small boxes are generally used for trinkets and little dainty pieces of crockery. Mattress protectors are really important, as mattresses are an expensive item that you don’t want to replace.  Protection is key. You can also purchase furniture covers to protect your chairs, etc. Another great tip is a port-a-robe for your clothes, these are a little more expensive but they are well worth it in the long run.

If you are struggling with time to get out and purchase your packaging products, call us and place your order.  You can pay over the phone and we can have your order ready for you at a more convenient time.  Hassle free and contact free.

An example of what you may need is shown on the poster below.

Happy packing everyone (said no-one ever)!!

Boxes & Packing Materials for Easier and Safer Storage

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