The humble beginnings of this local business is a great story of a man with huge foresight and an undeniable business brain.

Over thirty eight years ago, a young man named Norm Visca, purchased the land that Echuca Moama Storage is now built on. It had one shed on it. A big shed, but only one shed. Norm decided that he could possibly rent his shed out to a farmer or someone that would like to use the shed, as Norm didn’t need the use of the shed at the time. Norm began the process of showing potential renters through his shed. The possibilities were endless for this shed, however, no one needed all that space.

One person that Norm showed through the shed, said “Norm, I would love to take your shed, but I don’t need all that space, perhaps I could rent a small area of it”. Norm being the intelligent businessman that most of us know today, had a thought.

That simple thought was to break that one big shed into smaller sheds and rent the spaces separately. The foresight was incredible, and was the beginning of Echuca Moama Storage. The business now has five hundred sheds rented out, and Norm and Joan Visca ran that business up until last October, when they both decided that it was time to retire and escape the Storage life. Although they loved their business and their customers, they were ready to pass it on to new blood.

We are lucky enough to be those owners, and we are so incredibly proud to take on this iconic business from two of the loveliest, most honest, hardworking people we have been lucky enough to know. Although our background in business was pizzas we are ready for the new challenge of the storage world and a lifestyle we can love as much as Norm and Joan did.

Back amongst the people we love and the thriving community of Echuca Moama, we look forward to the future.

Janet & Jason Aubrey
Echuca Moama Storage

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