You need to sell your home, but you can’t seem to get anyone to pay the money you want or need.

Your Real Estate Agent informs you that you need to declutter in order for you  to achieve the best possible price for your home.

Your first reaction is “How dare they say that our stuff isn’t going to sell the house, this is our personal stuff, that we have loved and cherished”.  You are correct, they are trying to discard your personal possessions and memories, and that hurts.  The pain of regret would hurt more though.

Once you have recovered from the hurtful comments.  You can begin to imagine your home selling for top dollar and yourselves moving to your brand new, amazing home.

But your next question is, if we declutter, where do we put our stuff?  We need it to be safe.

The answer is, you can put your possessions in storage.  They will be kept safely in storage, whilst you can clean out your home and stage it for sale.  A storage shed is a small price to pay, if you can achieve your highest price possible for the sale of your home.  Remember to check on your insurance though, and if you aren’t covered, the Storage facility will be able to offer you an affordable insurance to cover your goods whilst in storage.

This is a proven way of getting more dollars for your home.  Prospective buyers of your home need to be able to envision what to use the space for.  For example a master bedroom staged with the perfect furniture and accessories enables the potential buyer to see themselves living in your home.

You can pick the perfect size shed for your goods, store them for the time you need and then collect once your home is sold.

The storage facility you choose (hopefully ours) will usually have a courtesy trailer that you can borrow or to make things even less stressful, hire a furniture removalist.

Something as simple as this can enable you to move on with your lives hassle free and hopefully cashed up from sale day.

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